Almost all of the polygons you just learned the names of can be concave or convex.* Now you will learn what that means!

(*all except one... after you have completed this page, try drawing a concave triangle.)


Click the picture to the left to learn what being concave means! After you peruse (a word that doesn't mean what you think it means! click click right here!) that page, why do you think I chose the picture I did? (photo from


Click on the picture of the mirror to learn about the opposite of concave...convex! After you look through that page... why do you think I chose this photo? (photo from

´╗┐Here is a picture that may help you remember the difference between convex and concave. Imagine each little kitten is a pentagon. The floor is one side, each pair of legs forms a side, and the arch of its back is two sides bent out or in.


(photo from Or, similarly...


(photo from