Go to this page about baseball diamonds. Read the stats for the different fields' sizes. Are any of them regular polygons? (photo from


91 tight-fitting, highly polished regular hexagonal mirrors make up the primary mirror of the Hobby-Eberly telescope. (photo and information from


Brian Kennedy, director of the Toledo Museum of Art, enthusiastically describes a new exhibit they have: a series of paintings by Frank Stella depicting irregular polygons.

Now it's your turn!!
Take a picture of a polygon in the real world. Just posting a picture will earn you one point. For an additional one point each, you will have to tell me the shape's name, whether it is concave or convex, whether it is regular or irregular, what the sum of its interior angle measures are (or what a single interior angle is if it is a regular polygon), and what the sum of its exterior angles are (or what an individual one is if it is a regular polygon), and why you chose it.

This makes for a total of 7 points. A 6/7 is an 85%, which is my goal for all you, so show me what you've got!