Welcome, students, to a magical world of polygons! I hope you'll have more fun poking around through here than you would listening to a lecture. My only request is that you look at the pages in the order below. Otherwise, be free, have fun, and don't hog the Smart Board! Sharing is caring.

Thanks :)
Miss Dillner

number1.jpg Surely you know what a triangle is...but do you know what a 20-sided shape is called? Click here to learn how to classify polygons! ("1" from activephilosophy.wordpress.com)

Almost all polygons can be convex or concave...but what does that mean? Click here to find out. ("2" from bahava.wordpress.com)

All polygons can be regular or irregular. Click here to learn what that means. ("3" from ladygagapic.info)

Want to know how to find the interior angle sum of your polygon? Click here ("4" from theweeklyriddle.blogspot.com)

How do you find the exterior angle sum of your polygon? Click here to find out. ("5" from wisdomportal.com)

Now, everybody's favorite part: PROOFS! ("6" from http://img231.imageshack.us/i/taiwanmainroad6sign.gif/sr=1)

All sarcasm aside, this will probably be your favorite part.